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Report from Paul Aseka — Spring, 2015

During spring semester, 2015, I took four courses, Modern financial management, Accounting 2321, English 1301, and History of America. That was more challenge for me to go through, but I did well.

For building capacity, I contacted with Evon Malray who was the one of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministry committee, about our choir group to travel to her Church (First United Methodist Church) in Shreveport, Louisiana. Evon Malray and I stayed in touch till I discussed with our choir director, Melinda Powell. It was a few months from the time when I lastly visited Shreveport on December, 2014. In the middle of March, 2015, our choir group went to FUMC in Shreveport, Louisiana to perform. Evon thanked me for trying to build a good relationship between Lovers Lane, with her and her church.

In April, I paid the Dallas Deaf Center (DAC) a surprise visit on Friday when I got off work. The Deaf Senior Citizens were happy to see me after being absent for a long time. They were my great friends and I spent an hour with them. Some of them asked me some question about the Bible. The quote was, "Was Jesus there before God created earth?" I answered, of course, yes.

In May after my school closed, my supervisor Rev. Thomas Hudspeth and I went to DAC for devotion. It was third week of May, 2015. I led devotion on that day and quoted the verses (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) about "A Time For Everything." I explained to Deaf senior citizens about positives and negatives that we experienced in our life today. I also challenged them by quoting one good verse about "Time to tearing clothes and time to mending." I asked them, who can throw luxury cloth after tore? They answered, they would mend and precious it. This was a good chance for me to see their thoughts and opinions than feed them every word. Again I went to Dallas-Indian United Methodist Church with my wife to do the Bible study after worshiped at LLUMC. I used the same verses which I shared with Deaf senior citizens at DAC.

At Lovers Lane UMC, I gained more knowledge about administrative work and operating office equipment such as postage meter, folding machine, and fax machines. I would observe staff using the equipment, then, I would practice on the machines myself. I also learned how to generate reports on Fellowship One, the church's database. Using Fellowship One, I did membership and attendance reports each week.

I led worship service at our Deaf Sunday school by leading prayers, praise songs and giving announcements. I usually led our class when my supervisor was away for workshop. Before the end of May, 2015, I got some ideas of starting BBQ for our Deaf Ministry to celebrate and interact. I successfully made it happen. This was a good idea because I tried to invite more people to come and interact with us.

On May 31, 2015, I went to home to see my parents and siblings after being absent from my village home for five years. I got back on June 17th, 2015. I tried to pursue my work after I gone home. For God's call me to do in Church, I felt that He wants me to do Missionary by encouraging the church to know the needs of Deaf people of the world. I sensed that some hearing churches are still not recognizing the needs of Deaf Christians around the world wide. I also need more time to think about the next step.

Paul Aseka is interning at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas, Texas, thanks in part to a grant from the United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministries. Paul is from Kenya and became deaf at age 7. He has studied at National Technical Institute for the Deaf in Rochester, New York and is sensing a call to ministry with the Deaf. At the March 2013 meeting of the UM-DHM, the committee set aside funds to support local churches that desire to develop Deaf Christian leaders. In the months ahead. Paul will be sharing his experience as an intern. This is his most recent report (previous reports can be found here).

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